Sunday, January 29, 2012

Slow but Steady...

Progress continues...the walls are all insulated now (looks like the inside of a spaceship upstairs with all of the foil-backed foam!).  The wood stove's doing a great job of keeping the place no time at all the stove gets it warm enough to work in a T-shirt, and the house is holding most of the heat overnight.  Luckily there's plenty of scrap wood to keep the fire going during the day.

The kitchen cabinet bases are done and the granite countertop has been installed.  It's beautiful, but no pictures yet until the cabinets have their doors on.  (Sorry...J is very particular about the exact point at which certain projects can be unveiled...and the kitchen cabinets aren't there quite yet.) Stay tuned.

Current and upcoming projects includes installing the gravity-fed water system, finishing the kitchen walls, finishing the kitchen cabinets, building the composting toilets, building bathroom cabinets, sealing the concrete floor, painting....etc etc etc.  Our tentative move-in month is April. 

There are some new pictures of the interior, and you may notice that I've re-named the photo pages listed here on the left.  The only page with new photos is the "Interior - January 2012" page.  I hope to add more soon!  

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